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Ever had that burning desire to create something for Total Annihilation? Whether it be units or maps, we have the perfect resources available so that you create the units and maps that you want.

Custom Scripts List

The Readme Is Provided

The Readme Is Provided

The Readme Is Provided

Multi Turrets and Multi Barrels
The Readme Is Provided

The Readme Is Provided

Credit for these script files go to Mad_Bovine

Resources List

Totala v3.1c
The latest update for Total Annihilation will upgrade your version of TA to v3.1c

BOS Compiler
ggs's cob compiler is the newest scripting tool for TA

GAF Viewer 1.2
ggs's gaf viewer that is capable of extracting frames from a gaf file.

3do Builder 2.02
The basic program for texturing and giving your unit life

5000 Unit Patch
This file will increase your unit limit to 5000

Annihilator 1.5
The best program for making TA maps, however it doesn't make TA Missions

Annihilator 1.6
An update to Annihilator 1.5, this will raise the version to 1.6

Cobbler V4
This program will turn your .bos files into .cob files, which give your unit life

EMG Patch
This patch will remove the EMG Sound from your TA games, reducing lag in multiplayer

Fred 1.03
This program is an easy way of having to create an .fbi file for your unit

GAF Builder Pro
This program is a way to create gaf files for your units

GAF Dump
This utility splits big GAFs into small ones, and/or extracts individual bitmaps

Scriptor 0.74
The best scripting program around for all your scripting needs

TA2K Public
This appears to be an OpenGL version of TA

TA Generator 2.3
This little utility creates a download.tdf file for your unit. A very simple procedure, but probably quite handy in the beginning.

500 Unit Patch
This will increase your unit limit to 500

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