Sept. 17th - Operation Polaris Updates- Skyliner

Okay guys, here is the story line for OP.

The AR is attacking the US because of a secret treaty made just after the revolutionary war. the treaty stated that the AR was to attack the US should the current government fell. when the world entered the cold war the AR government felt that the governent that the treaty was signed under had fallen, thus they began a wartime build up that lasted nearly 60 years. when the AR's D-day arrived Cargo subs, carrier subs, and
massive multi engine cargo aircraft landed over 20% of the AR's main forces on the Us's coast, with AR spys disabling key stratigic points, preventing immediate retaliation, nuclear or other wise.

A Very interesting story, however, Under_ware cannot complete along (Although he is doing a good job at it :) and is looking for someone with BuildPicture skills to assist him in making Build Pictures, if you think you can help him, contact him at If help him out, your name shall go on the list of credits when this is released to the public.