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Is there something you would like to know from us? Interested in joining the gang at Central Consciousness? Want to request something from our members? No Problem! Just send an email to one of the following listed, and we shall try to answer all questions and request that you may have.

Staff List

Skyliner -
Occupation: Webmaster

ggs -
Occupation: Main Programmer

renrutal -
Occupation: Programmer Assitant + Map Maker

Under_ware -
Occupation: Unit Designer

DopeFishhh -
Occupation: TAZ66 Owner

Mafia -
Occupation: COBalt Owner

Twigathy -
Occupation: Renderer

Mad_Bovine -
Occupation: Freelance Designer

Minion -
Occupation: Freelance Designer

MuzzleFlash -
Occupation: War Story Writer
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