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Download COB creation Files

Ever wanted to script a TA unit? Everything you need is here:

Mafia's COBASM

COBASM v source code

Mafia's BASM

BASM v source code

BASM v source code

BASM v source code


BASM v source code

BASM v source code

ggs' BOS Compiler, uses Mafia's BASM to create the final cob file

BOS Compiler v0.82 by ggs (151kb Fixed bug in inline function expander )
BOS Compiler v0.82 readme (4kb )

BOS Compiler v0.81 by ggs (173kb Fixed bug in preprocessor with comments in #define's )
BOS Compiler v0.81 readme (4kb )

BOS Compiler v0.8 by ggs (175kb See history for all bug fixes. Practically ready for v1.0 )
BOS Compiler v0.8 readme (4kb )

BOS Compiler v0.76 by ggs (169kb Uses updated version of basm.exe. History section now includes some missing info )
BOS Compiler v0.76 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.75 by ggs (167kb Rebiuld preprocessor, better error messages )
BOS Compiler v0.75 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.7 by ggs (168kb Hexadecimal support now works & Fixed bug in how constant numbers were generated in basm )
BOS Compiler v0.7 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.6 by ggs (165kb Fixed a typo in how the opcode for bitwise and was generated, updated basm.exe )
BOS Compiler v0.6 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.5 by ggs (162kb Fixed a bug in how turn now &move now were handled )
BOS Compiler v0.5 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.4b by ggs (163kb Fixed a bug in initializing local vars)
BOS Compiler v0.4b readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.4 by ggs (163kb Fixed a bug in how the compiler emitted ret statments at the end of a method)
BOS Compiler v0.4 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.3 by ggs (176kb New support for initializing local vars! 'var a=5, b=a+<2>;')
BOS Compiler v0.3 readme (3kb )

BOS Compiler v0.2f by ggs (175kb Using new version of basm.exe)
BOS Compiler v0.2f readme (3kb )

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