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Operation Polaris

Operation Polaris

Under_ware has been a busy pair of boxer shorts by working on his Total Conversion, Operation Polaris. Operation Polaris' storyline is quite an interesting one, and shall be explained in the newspost.. He has completed a large amount of the Antarctic Republic, and has been able to complete at least half of the project with some aid from Stealth870. To the left of this screen, is an animated preview of Operation Polaris, and shows a few examples of that the Antarctic Republics arsenal will be like.

May 8th, 2004 - Updates? Content? WTF?! - Skyliner

Yeah, its official, I updated. Under_ware pestered me for weeks to release this, and I finally have, sorry for the lack of details, but I've got to take a shower :P Download It Here and enjoy it!

January 31st, 2004 - Updates- Skyliner

Firstly, ggs has completed another pre-version of his BOS Compiler, which uses Mafia's BASM to create the final cob file, which should prove useful for scripting, although the release version is now 0.8, ggs says that the BOS Compiler is almost ready to hit version 1.0, which should not take long (hopefully :-)). In the world of units, Flashbang was upgraded to version 1.61, fixing some bugs, including a flaw in the fbi file which (I somehow must've pressed the wrong button :-| ) it costed over 6000 energy, which has now been fixed. also the Anarchist was released, but I wouldn't recommend using it, unless you can fix the aiming and groundplate problem, then I'll hug you ;P. In the modification world, Under_ware has informed me that he is once again working on his total conversion, Operation Polaris, which means good things should be coming in the future :-).

Also, Mafia is calling for the support of the TA Community in this thread, asking for donations that will allow him to create TA 4.0 alot faster, and for you benefit, if any of you are interested in contributing to Mafia and his cause, you can do so by using the paypal button below :-)

One last thing, I have added Central Consciousness to the TAU Top 100 (Click Here To View) so be sure to vote for us in the Top 100, as well as the PA Top 100 :-)

More updates should be coming soon, well, one can hope ;-)

January 1st, 2004 - New Year, New Unit - Skyliner

First off, Happy New Years to everyone! May this year bring you many good fortunes your way! And secondly, with the new year upon us, its time for a new unit release, Under_ware has released his latest unit, the Core Aslan, which was kindly named by Muzzleflash
The Core Aslan is a Armored Anti-Air Flak Kbot that will knock the enemies air assault right out of the skies! so download it now and give your commanders a nice new years welcome!

Core Aslan By Under_ware

Dec. 25th - Unit Release Again? - Skyliner

Just in time for Christmas too! Minion has release his latest unit, The Arm Gladiator. The Arm Gladiator is a Super Heavy Assault Tank, and it should provide some fun for the Core Goliaths
The Gladiator has 4 Build Pics and 2 Models to select from, so if you aren't satisfied with one thing, you can change it using the correct programs. So download this unit now and make your Arm Commander a happy commander!

Arm Gladiator By MinionArm Gladiator By MinionArm Gladiator By MinionArm Gladiator By Minion

Dec. 18th - Map Release? - Skyliner

Well, the news header is correct, we at Central Consciousness have released a map for you all to enjoy! renrutal has pimped out the latest map, entitled Fury's Den, it is a 12x25 map made with TA:K transition tiles, and it looks awesome!
However, it does weigh about 5mb, so 56kbers might be hurting after downloading this map! Either way, a new battlefield for your commanders to play on shall make an excellent present for Christmas next week! So download it now!

Fury's Den by renrutal

Dec. 14th - Unit Release? - Skyliner

Well, you might be thinking that we are joking, well, to be honest, we aren't! Minion has pimped out the latest unit from Central Consciousness, the Xtreme Cannon. The Xtreme Cannon is a unit for Arm that has increased range from the standard Bertha, and can deal out some lethal damage to those unlucky enough to be struck by it!
Costing 63900 energy and 4485 Metal, this Plasma Cannon shall definately be on your commanders Christmas wishlist, so download it now!! :D

The Arm Xtreme Cannon

Dec. 1st - TA 4.0 Updates! - Skyliner

It's alive! Well, at least CC is, well, internally ^_^, we have lots of goodies for you, one being that Mafia has cleaned up the original TA 4.0 Topic, and made a new one, that will answer all your questions about where to find the files, and what it does, you can find the topic Here.

Also, Under_ware,Minion and Mad_Bovine have randomly started pimping units out on the forums, Minion has 5 units soon to be released, Mad_Bovine has one incoming soon, and Under_ware has a pack being made called the "Hide and Seek" Pack, which shall incorporate a unit called "Willie", so it's all exciting here at CC, and Minion is also thinking of a TC similar to SWTA, the topic is Here.

that should be all, for now :P

Oct. 30th - BOS Compiler gets PR! - ggs

My BOS compiler has reached version 0.76, and is an integrate part of developing units to take advantage of mafia's TA4 scripting extensions. You could, of course, hand write the BOS ASM that mafia's assembler accepts, that thats an exercise in pain. With this version, my BOS compiler is now a mature application, and could be seriously considered for use.
Future versions will allow for inlinable functions, completely removing the hit required to use the TA4 script extensions (they are wrapped in functions which you call, and function calls "call-script", are some what expensive)

Oct. 2nd - Unit Preview! - Skyliner

It has been a long time since we have had one, but we have a unit in development, the Arm Anarchist is a Maverick Tank, which is sure to give those Core Folk a shake or two, for now, enjoy the preview build picture :)

The Arm Anarchist, A Maverick Tank
The Arm Anarchist

Also, Under_ware has completed the basic structure of the Antarctic Republic, from his TC, Operation Polaris, and has sent a beta to a few people to try out. And should be able to start work on the US Army in a short time.

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